Submitting Data

What kind of data is collected in ROHDEO?
The Basic Screening Survey (BSS) is a limited oral evaluation promoted by the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors. There are three modules of the BSS: preschool age children, school age children, and adults. Data from any module can be collected and contributed to ROHDEO. Basic demographic data (county, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.) and data on access to dental care (last dental visit, dental insurance status, etc.) are all collected in ROHDEO. Programs do not have to collect all data fields to contribute to ROHDEO.

Who can contribute to ROHDEO?
Programs collecting any of the BSS, demographic, clinical, or access to dental care questions found on the ROHDEO data collection forms can contribute to ROHDEO. Your program does not have to collect all data fields to contribute. If you need help with data collection or would like to speak to a ROHDEO team member about how you collect your data, you can review the entry guide or contact us.

Who can access the ROHDEO data?
ROHDEO will contain aggregated data that will be publicly available to anyone wanting more information on oral health in Texas. ROHDEO will not contain any personal health information. All summarized and aggregate data will be available for download.

What is the timeline for ROHDEO data collection?
ROHDEO data is contributed annually. The first data contribution period will be in Summer 2017. If you plan on contributing data to ROHDEO, you should review the ROHDEO data collection forms to prepare. Data from the first contribution period will be made available when the full ROHDEO website is launched in Fall 2017. If you would like more information or explanation on how to contribute, contact us.

Steps to Submitting Data

1. Register

To submit data to ROHDEO, you will first need to register with our administrative team.

Register Now

2. Format Data

After you have registered your organization for ROHDEO contribution, you will receive a unique username and password. Before submitting data, read through the guidelines to see how your data needs to be submitted into the ROHDEO data portal. Data are aggregated by county and age.

Data Formatting Guidelines

3. Submit Data

The next contribution period begins July 1st, 2018. Data submitted during the contribution period should be data collected from July 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018.

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Need Assistance?

For help with how to summarize your program’s data for submission or how to collect your program data for future ROHDEO submission, contact Annaliese Cothron at You can also schedule an appointment using the ROHDEO appointment scheduler. Simply visit the link below, click on the green “book now” button, then choose the timeslot that works best for you. Please note that appointments scheduled less than 24 hours in advance may be modified if a scheduling conflict should arise.